Sunday School

Children’s Religious Education: 11:00 – Noon
Childcare also available

We believe that children are an integral part of our community, and we also recognize their unique qualities and needs. Children are welcome to stay in the service with their parents or guardians but most children choose to attend Religious Education classes from 11 to noon. There is also free, separate childcare available in the nursery for those too young to attend classes.

Intergenerational Sunday Services

One Sunday a month, we have an intergenerational service. No classes are held, and instead children are encouraged to stay with their parents or guardians for the length of the service. These intergenerational services seek to engage people of all ages, especially children, by utilizing creative worship elements including, song, story, and play.

Children distribute flowers at our annual Flower Ceremony

 Children’s Religious Education

Please read more on this page about how we approach children’s religious education, and what a typical class is like!

Religion, like morality, is “caught, not taught.”  We can talk to our children about tolerance, compassion, and respect, but their primary source for learning such things are the lives we choose to lead as adults.  Unitarian Universalism is religion founded on a set of principles, not a set of beliefs.  Those principles are best learned through practice.  The more opportunities our children have to practice those values, the more likely they will learn to share them.  We strongly encourage parents to play an active role in their children’s religious education in ways that best suit your needs, gifts, and talents.

For more information on UUCOM’s Children’s Religious Education visit here.