Out in West Texas, November 3-4, 2017

In alignment with our mission and vision, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland is happy to co-sponsor Out in West Texas: A Symposium on Professional Competencies for Serving Transgender Clients


Please visit http://outinwesttexas2017.weebly.com/ for full conference details.

“This two-day symposium seeks to support transgender lives in the Permian Basin by fostering the growth of a network of providers trained in transgender medical, legal, and mental health professional competencies as well as transgender cultural competencies. Currently, these needs are served ineffectually, if at all, in our region, with the burden of locating necessary professional resources falling on transgender individuals and families of transgender individuals, who may not have the financial means or necessary training to accomplish this effectively. To put it simply, a sustained network of professionals dedicated to making transgender lives more livable in the Permian Basin does not exist at this time. The Symposium aims to fulfill this need by providing two days of interdisciplinary training in medical, legal, and mental health foundations, supported by breakout sessions addressing various transgender cultural competencies. The symposium will additionally provide opportunities for attendees to participate in crossover sessions that highlight the importance of multi-field professional provider networks, as well as social events to allow attendees a chance to engage in further networking. In addition to the foundational fields, interested participants may come from educational, journalistic, criminal justice, faith-based, or other community service backgrounds. Continuing education credits will be provided for those working in legal or mental health fields.”

If you would like to contribute funds you may do so at Fundrazr.

Out in West Texas Save the Date Flyer