Fair Trade

Equal ExchangeEvery Sunday, we offer Fair Trade coffees, teas, and chocolates for sale.  Fair Trade is a way of doing business that aims to keep small farmers an active part of the world marketplace, and aims to empower consumers to make purchases that support their values. Fair Trade is a set of business practices voluntarily adopted by the producers and buyers of agricultural commodities and hand-made crafts that are designed to advance many economic, social and environmental goals, including:

  • Raising and stabilizing the incomes of small-scale farmers, farm workers, and artisans
  • More equitably distributing the economic gains, opportunities and risks associated with the production and sale of these goods
  • Increasing the organizational and commercial capacities of producer groups
  • Supporting democratically owned and controlled producer organizations
  • Promoting labor rights and the right of workers to organize
  • Promoting safe and sustainable farming methods and working conditions
  • Connecting consumers and producers
  • Increasing consumer awareness and engagement with issues affecting producers

In addition to the products we sell and the coffee we serve each Sunday, our church also hosts Fair Trade events with Colores del Pueblo twice a year.  Since 1997 they have been working with artisan cooperatives in Guatemala. Through fair trade practices they hope to inspire positive change in the world.  Not only does paying a fair wage help families and communities rise above the cycle of poverty, but it gives them an incentive to continue cultural craft traditions like weaving, basket-making, pottery-making, woodworking and more.  And by paying a just wage, our customers are ensured a quality hand-made product.

Colores del Pueblo offers a full line of products year round on their website

Colores del Pueblo