UUCOM is Strengthening our Roots

We rely on financial pledges from members and friends to create each year’s annual budget (which we vote on at our Spring Congregational Meeting). Each year during our Stewardship Campaign (or, for brand new members, whenever they officially join), members and friends fill out a pledge card indicating how much they plan to give.

You can decide to give weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. Some members submit their pledges by dropping their check in our offering basket on Sunday mornings (or cash in an envelope with your name on it, so we know to mark it as your pledge). Others give by asking their bank to send us a regular check. Others sign up for recurring donations from their debit/credit card through our Txt2Give system (text “Give” to 432-271-4921). Others send their check through the mail or use the Donate button on our home page. Contributions are tax-deductible, and we send you a letter for tax purposes every January.

Our annual Stewardship campaign usually begins each year around February and closes in May.

Making it Easy

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to fulfill your pledge and perhaps help you earn rewards with your credit card. You can now support the church with PayPal  or any credit/debit card. You can make a one-time payment with the below button (which is also on our home page). Or you can schedule monthly payments by using the process below.




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Recurring Donation:

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Why Do You Come to UUCOM

We came to UUCOM to help Zach and our whole family explore our spirituality. Finding a church where this exploration and questioning is encouraged keeps us coming back!
Lisa Jebsen

I came to this church because it offered freedom. Freedom to search for my own path, which I had held in my heart since I was 12, but never heard anyone else voice this revolutionary idea. My first day here I was warmly welcomed and I felt like I had finally arrived home. Since that first day I have grown more accepting and understanding of all religious beliefs. I am a happier and better person because of you, the minister and the congregation, and I thank you.
Sally Flores

  1. Basically, I am a UU because this church is the only place where I feel that I can be honest and true to what I believe, all within the context of its guiding principles. From the first, I have felt free to interpret life and say things in the UU church that I would not say otherwise or in other places. This is one of those times, and I appreciate this opportunity – difficult as it has been!
  2. Here, then, are my ten core beliefs, and I know they are not the church’s – only that this church, unlike any other, allows me to live them in peace and acceptance.
    1. I believe the supernatural world does not exist, and trying to explain the world in supernatural terms is a drain on mankind’s intelligence and progress.
    2. If a deity of any kind is involved, count me out.
    3. I believe the earth’s nourishment is finite and that mankind exploits it at his ultimate denigration. Mother Nature is quite vulnerable, and any responsible religion must include reverence for nature as a major focus of its canon.
    4. I believe that we are all born with an innate sense of right and wrong and good and bad and that these can be and all too often are corrupted by selfishness, greed, and thirst for power, none of which is innate and all of which must be learned.
    5. If you say I must die for my reward in heaven, I say you go first — catch you later.
    6. For answers to all those awesome questions of the universe, I rely on science and reason for my answers and not at all on theologies.
    7. I believe there are three things that will result in happiness for anybody, and this is based on experience that I have had continually during my 78 years: (a) something to do, (b) someone to love, and (c) something to look forward to.
    8. From what I can observe, I believe that the world is better now than it has ever been and that, slowly but very surely, the rejection of violence as a means for solving problems, on both an individual basis and a world basis, is showing tiny, minuscule but measurable gains in all of the cultures of the world.
    9. I believe that science explains life and that art celebrates it, and the UU church does too – quite unlike others that seem to celebrate death.
    10. I believe that you stop growing when you stop questioning, and that this church, through its sermons and programs every week, helps mightily – not in forging answers with dogma attached, but in fashioning questions that keep you in a state of wonder and awe for this great world in which we find ourselves. For me, the UU church is and always has been and I suspect always will be a major player in the natural world that I know and love.

–Tom Parks