Our Members

Hear from the Members of UUCOM in written and video testimonials of why they are members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland.


Sally Flores has attended for three years.
Sally Flores has attendedicated this church since 2004. She had never attended church during her first 50 years but intends to attend it for the last 50. “I like a religion that allows questioning and searching for one’s own spiritual path, while sharing that journey with others who are supportive and respectful.” Sally regularly sings in the choir, teaches the children to listen to their own heart and seek their own beliefs, grows herbs in the church garden, and washes the dishes. She is a retired counselor who enjoys reading, music, and art. She is a lifelong hippie who regularly embarrasses her children and grandchildren with her passionate activism for human rights.

Richard Davis is a newcomer to Unitarian Universalism.
The main reason Richard chose UUCOM is that he is “free to build his own theology without being constrained by creeds or dogmas.” Friendly, spiritually mature and tolerant of non-conventional beliefs and opinions is how Richard describes the people at UUCOM. Richard volunteers with Midland Needs to Read and is interested in physical fitness, reading and travel.



Tom Parks, a university professor, has been a Unitarian Universalist for 40 years and a member in Midland for 14 years.

Tom has been an active member of this church since 2003 and is a lifelong practicing member of the Unitarian Universalist Church. A retired university professor and Dean, he particularly enjoys our church because its Sunday services as well as its routine activities and programs consistently stress practical application over an esoteric and ephemeral belief system. He thinks that it is not a matter of what you believe but a matter of how you live, and he appreciates the lack of religious dogma. Tom’s core belief is that the supernatural world does not exist, and trying to explain the world in supernatural terms is a drain on mankind’s intelligence and progress.

Harry Nutter
Audio and transcript from April 2017