Committees of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland

Board of Directors

President:  Harry Nutter              President-Elect:  Shanda Unger

Treasurer:  Carol Kullman                      Secretary:  Margaret Assany

At-Large:  Jane Hellinghausen, Rico Ramirez, Anna Paradox

The Board of Directors responsibilities include policy making, budget monitoring, and fiduciary responsibility.


Membership Committee

Co-chairs:  Carol Kullman & Jane Hellinghausen

The membership committee is responsible for welcoming guests to our church on Sunday mornings; helping to integrate new members into our church community; assisting the minister with New to UU classes; providing nametags and supplying pamphlets; welcoming new members formally in a church service; and putting together new member packets.

Greeters:  After a short training session, greeters arrive early to welcome guests and members to our church before and after the church service.

Socials:  Volunteers can help to set up and/or clean up church socials, such as, brunches, lunches, parties and fund-raisers.


Care Team:

Co-Chairs:  Jane Hellinghausen, Sonja Millichamp, Barbara Handley & Carol Kullman

Volunteers help support church members and friends who may be in need of our attention or assistance.  You may help by sending a note or card, making a phone call, visiting a hospital or home, providing a meal or ride.


Religious Education Committee

Director of Religious Education:  Barbara Handley

The Religious Education Committee works to welcome children and parents to our church; plan and implement curriculum for our school-age children; oversees childcare for infants and pre-schoolers; helps to plan Intergenerational Services and activities.


Worship Committee

Co-Chairs:  Rev. Emily Wright-Magoon and Shanda UngerThe Worship Committee works in conjunction with the minister to assist the minister during the Sunday services.  They are responsible for one lay-led service each month as well as the summer services.


Public Relations Committee

Chairs:  Lisa Jebsen

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for developing guidelines for external marketing and for social media notices.


Building & Grounds

Co-Chairs:  Tim Jebsen & Rico Ramirez

The Building & Grounds Committee is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of our building and the surrounding grounds.  This may entail work parties, hiring out services or in-house services.


Finance Committee

Chair:  Carol Kullman

The Finance Committee is responsible for establishing guidelines for the investment of the endowment fund.  They will oversee an annual audit of church finances.


Committee on Ministry

Chair:  Emmy Ulmschneider

The Committee on Ministry is responsible for overseeing the overall effectiveness of our church’s ministry—both lay-led and professional.


Nominating Committee

Chair: to be elected at the Fall Meeting

The responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to secure a slate of officers for the Board of Directors as well as for the Investment Committee.


Stewardship Committee

Chair:  Maureena Benavides

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for planning, organizing and conducting the Stewardship Campaign in the spring.  This includes the annual Fellowship Dinner in April.


Investment Committee

Chair:  John Kullman

The Investment Committee is responsible for investing the endowment fund.

Environmental Sustainability Task Force

Co-Chairs:  Wendy Earle, Harry Nutter, Emmy Ulmschneider, Shelley Wright



Co-Directors:  Scott and Sonja Millichamp

The choir provides special music for our worship service.  They rehearse on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30.


Other ways to share your time and talent with the church:

Sign up to bring items to potlucks.

Sign up to set up or clean-up for special church events such as lunches, socials, classes, etc.

Attend annual work parties to clean the church.

Attend work parties to maintain our gardens.

Deliver our food donations to Jubilee Center and pet food donations to Lone Star Sanctuary

Take our paper and plastic recycling to the appropriate drop-off locations.

Tech-savvy? Maintain our church computers, including overseeing updates to spyware and other software.

Musical talents?  Perform during a Sunday service.  Contact our Music directors.

Advance slides during service for projector display.

Join church members for KMB sponsored trash pick-ups.

Help with the church garage sale by donating items, setting up, working the garage sale or cleaning up after the sale.

Maintain our church fountain.

Post the audio and text of Emily’s sermons to the online blog.

And more…

See a need?  Have a talent you’d like to contribute?  Talk to the Board or the Minister—this church thrives because of the contributions of its members and friends.