Chalice Circles



Chalice Circles are a form of “small group ministry” – widely considered a very effective model for growing a church in numbers, engagement, spiritual depth, and action.

The Unitarian James Luther Adams spoke of the human need for “intimacy and ultimacy.” Chalice Circles serve these needs:

  • Intimacy: building community and deepening relationships
  • Ultimacy: encouraging deeper spiritual exploration and search for meaning
  • Growth: growing a church in numbers, leadership, generosity, collaboration, welcome & well-being

Chalice Circles are groups of 5-9 people who gather twice a month. Our groups will meet for 7 months (Nov 2017 – May 2018) with a trained facilitator to discuss how a theme relates to their lives (Hospitality, Justice, Love, Hope, etc).

No homework is required, but for those who like to dive deep, you can refer to the “Touchstones” packet of resources on the monthly theme (articles, poems, prayers) which will be emailed* to all members and friends in our database each month.

The monthly themes will also be woven into Sunday services and occasional additional offerings. Rev. Emily will preach on the theme once a month. Touchstones’ annual theme is “Reimagining the Common Good,” so each month you will see a section of the packet that connects the monthly theme to that annual theme. Many UU churches use the “Touchstones” themes and will be exploring the same themes as we are!

You do not have to be a member of the church to join a Chalice Circle – or even attend services!


Our two chalice circles for the 2017-2018 church year meet at the following times:

Tuesdays (twice a month) @ 7-8:30 pm (8:30-9 pm is optional mingling time)

Sundays (twice a month) @ 2-3:30 pm (3:30-4 pm is optional mingling time) – Childcare is provided during this Circle, but sign-up is required.

Sign-up is required for chalice Circle attendance. Sign up by contacting Rev. Emily at – or 432-694-4308.

Click here for the ChaliceCirclesBrochure.

* We will also print out a few copies for the church foyer. If you’d like us to mail you a copy of the Touchstones journal (or be added to our church database for emails), please contact office administrator Jessica Stewart: 432-694-4308,