About Us

On this website, you can read about our history, our mission, and vision, and what we do on Sunday mornings.  You may find this information interesting and you may even wonder if what we describe is even real. We have heard it said many times that it is hard to believe that a church such as ours could exist here in West Texas. Please join us for a Sunday service, an event, or any of the many activities we offer throughout the year. Check out our weekly newsletter or our facebook page. You can also contact our minister or just stop by during her office hours. She would be glad to meet with you here at the church, in your home, or anywhere you find most comfortable.forum


Mission and Vision


Our vision is simple, we are here to build “the Beloved Community.” An organization’s vision is a statement of its ultimate goal. It is understood that this goal is multi-generational and is not likely to be accomplished in our lifetimes. We see it as our job to create the foundation from which future generations can build on.  The idea of building the Beloved Community is an ancient one and its most recent and most famous articulation is that expressed by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. King’s vision of the Beloved Community was a “completely integrated society, a community of love and justice” where our true relationship in the interconnected web of life would find expression in all we do.  Go here to learn more about Dr. King’s vision of Beloved Community.


Our Mission is an expression of how we hope to build the Beloved Community here in the Permian Basin. It is the lens from which all decisions are made.

Welcoming Diversity

                        Empowering Spiritual Growth

                                    Fostering the Interdependent Web of Life

                                                Transforming Lives


Local History

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland was founded in 1954 and has served ever since as an oasis of the liberal spirit in religion for West Texas. This congregation is a place where people on a variety of spiritual paths come together to grow in religious depth and learn about and embody their faithfulness in the world. The heart of the various covenants that have bound Unitarian and Universalist congregations together for over 400 years rests on these great ideals: freedom, reason, and tolerance.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Midland has many activities open to all:

• Attend one of our Sunday Worship services (11:00 a.m.)

• Bring your family to our frequent children’s activities

• Come to one of our many weekly or monthly events posted in our weekly newsletter.

• Attend our annual events like the Colores del Pueblo Fall Sale or the annual Garage Sale or Auction. garage sale